Kaizen Analytix Announces KaizenDashboards

Kaizen Analytix LLC, an Atlanta-based analytics products and services provider, has announced KaizenDashboards, a new, highly cost-efficient offering that leverages customer data and KaizenInsights analytics platform data to provide reporting and data visualizations which drive actionable business insights.
Accessed via Kaizen’s highly secure cloud platform, KaizenDashboards acts as a “wrap-around” service integrated within the KaizenInsights analytics platform that can be tailored to specific business requirements. Customers can either leverage a suite of pre-built, proven dashboards or work with Kaizen to build custom dashboards that combine their data with data from the KaizenInsights platform and KaizenDataLabs™. Pre-built dashboards cater to core business functions while custom dashboards can be catered to meet specific customer needs. The frequency at which data is refreshed within the dashboards is also customizable based on customer requirements. This single offering supports customers who require quarterly reports and customers who need daily performance dashboards.
“Our goal with offering KaizenDashboards is to provide KaizenInsights’ customers with a way to quickly and easily visualize the insights our platform reveals from their data in a highly cost-efficient and automated manner,” said Andy Williamson, Chief Product Officer. “With this offering, we change the game for our customers by enabling more efficient use of internal resources and unlocking more profitable business decisions.”
About Kaizen Analytix
Kaizen Analytix LLC is an analytics products and services company that gives clients unmatched speed to increased revenues, reduced costs, and maximized margins through advanced analytics solutions and actionable business insights. Working from client and industry data, Kaizen combines its proprietary KaizenValueAccelerators™, data, and data from KaizenDataLabs™ with proven analytics subject matter experts to rapidly deliver insights across the value chain, from Sales and Marketing to Operations and Finance. For more information, visit www.kaizenanalytix.com 
PR Contact: marketing@kaizenanalytix.com
Source: Kaizen Analytix