K9 of Mine Creates Dog Training Plan for Major Biden

K9 of Mine today announced a dog training plan designed to help President Biden’s dog, Major.
Major is a two-year-old German Shepherd rescue dog who recently caused a stir with his 2nd bite incident at the White House. While the bite did not break skin, the incident has caused some alarm among White House staff and press.
K9 of Mine has worked diligently helping owners of reactive dogs, similar to Major, access digital training materials and videos to work on their dogs’ reactivity behavior issues.
Major Biden’s training plan – which can be found here on K9 of Mine – outlines several positive reinforcement-based strategies and training techniques designed to help Major work through arousal and aggression to strange triggers found within the White House.
For more information on Major’s training program, visit https://www.k9ofmine.com/president-biden-major-dog-training-plan
About K9 of Mine: K9 of Mine is an online dog care site dedicated to providing owners with resources and information to help them better understand their canine companions. 
Meg Marrs
K9 of Mine
Source: K9 of Mine