K.B. Morrison’s New Book, ‘I Tried Too Hard: A Memoir’, Is a Heartfelt Reveal of a Journey That Paved Its Own Way and a Woman Who Forgot to Look After Herself

K.B. Morrison, a writer living in the Southwest, an enthusiastic and hands-on grandmother, has completed her most recent book, “I Tried Too Hard: A Memoir”: a moving and inspirational account of a woman who faced endless hardship, much loss, and numbing pain. She speaks about how life has become for her and the lessons that came with all those ups and downs.
Morrison shares, “I Tried Too Hard is just that … a thorough, deep, and sometimes, troubling look into a life that was supposed to go one way but inevitably created its own path and the destruction and rebuilding that moved on from it. Life lessons are in us all. Mine were meant to be shared. Adoption and abandonment, and growth through all the in-betweens. Read on to hear one woman’s struggle to be everything to everyone but herself.”
Published by Fulton Books, K.B. Morrison’s book is a captivating memoir that tells of a life filled with brokenness and pain yet eventually found growth and healing throughout it all.
This is a brilliant testimony many readers would love to find inspiration in.
Readers who wish to experience this stirring work can purchase “I Tried Too Hard: A Memoir” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books