K-12 Students Now Have Access to 1 on 1 Tutoring on Demand With Credentialed Teachers

Teachers can join Wisdom Cafe in less than 5 minutes and “go live” to provide on demand, live, one-on-one tutoring and homework help with students, in the comfort of their home. Students K-12 enjoy 30 minute tutoring or homework help sessions at a cost of $20 with a credentialed teacher whom earns $15 per session or a university graduate at a cost of $12.50 whom earns $9 per session-teacher payouts are processed daily. Prior to each session, the tutor completes facial recognition to ensure safety within the learning environment. Sessions are recorded and stored in the students library for academic recall.
Parents can find the help they are looking for within thirty seconds of download-search available tutors and immediately connect to a verified educator to receive quality educational support for their child to confidently complete their homework or receive tutoring to be ready for the next day’s quiz or test.
Not only does Wisdom Cafe offer an opportunity for educators to earn extra income, they also provide student anonymity with Apple Login, quality and safe educational support with verified educators, as well as convenience, flexibility and realistic options for families and educators. Wisdom Cafe is an application found in the Apple AppStore for the iPhone, iPod and is compatible with iPad. Wisdom Cafe is serving academic freedom and helping to bridge the gap in distance-learning.
Source: Wisdom Cafe Inc