Julie Austin Keynote Speaker at the Women’s Jewelry Association Conference

New York, NY – The Women’s Jewelry Association hosts their annual conference March 8th in New York City. Women from all aspects of the jewelry industry will be attending to learn how to expand their businesses and build their brands. One of the things they will be learning is innovation and idea generation. Inventor and innovator Julie Austin, CEO of Los Angeles based Creative Innovation, will be speaking on “Sparking Creativity in the Jewelry Industry”.

The jewelry industry has always been known as being extremely competitive. In a sluggish economy it becomes even harder to stay ahead of the competition. This is when business owners need to innovate and shake up their businesses.

Julie’s philosophy is that there are opportunities everywhere and business owners need to learn how to make the connections. She combines her entrepreneurial experience and her innovation experience as an inventor to teach women jewelry business owners how to take their businesses to the next level and come up with ideas their competition will never come up with.

“This requires bold risk taking and being willing to make creative leaps,” says Julie. “The only way you can come up with a great idea is to come up with a lot of ideas. That’s where you find the real gems. No pun intended.”

Julie’s mission is to make creativity second nature for women business owners. “Everyone has the potential to be creative, says Julie. “You just have to not be afraid of making a fool of yourself and have fun.”

Julie is available for interviews and can be reached at 310-444-7788 or julie@creativeinnovationgroup.com.

Women’s Jewelry Association – New York March 8th, 2013 – 9:00 am – 5:00 pmMcGraw Hill 1221 Ave. of the Americas (49th St.).

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