Judy S. Peche’s New Book ‘We Are Who We Are’ is a Motivational and Imaginative Children’s Story Teaching a Valuable Lesson

Judy S. Peche, a devout Christian, has completed her new book “We Are Who We Are”: a gripping and potent children’s tale about the life of lambs on a farm.
Judy writes, “The St. Croix Hair sheep did not associate with the other sheep because they were all white and they thought that made them better than all the other sheep. They were fine sheep and proud of their heritage. Their lambs were brought up to stay away from the other breeds or crosses. The crossbreeds were as if a lesser sheep, and they could not associate because they were not quality sheep, so they thought. But in fact they were bred for the wool. By crossing the breeds, the wool had better qualities and quantity.”
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Judy S. Peche’s creative tale describes life on a farm with three little, strong, and fearless lambs.
The tale begins with the birth of triplet lambs. The farmer helps the mother lamb take care of her three children since she did not have enough milk for all of them. The little lambs grew up loving the farmer and everyone around them. The St. Croix Hair sheep were not allowed to play with the mixed-breed lambs.
One day, a mischievous dog came and frightened all the lambs on the farm. The animals on the farm learn that working together is the best way to live, and keeping separated is more destructive. Readers will learn an important lesson that no one should be judged by their color or breed.
Readers who wish to experience this inspiring work can purchase “We Are Who We Are” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooksStore, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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