Jovana Rehabilitation Medicine & Pain’s Owner and CEO, Dr. Ivan Edwards, Featured in Top Doctor Magazine

Jovana Rehabilitation Medicine & Pain’s owner and CEO, Dr. Ivan Edwards, was interviewed by Top Doctor magazine on the trend of healthcare, as he sees it relevant to his practice today. He focused on the necessity of providing holistic preventative care. Giving the sick just pills or medications (important as they are) for the resolution of their diseases is simply not enough.
Good healthcare, Dr. Edwards suggested, should utilize a comprehensive (multi-prong) approach in treating the sick. A combination of spiritual attentiveness, coupled with mindful meditation, diet (non-inflammatory), and exercise–plus taking the medication(s) that we truly have to (and not want)–is much more efficacious than relying on just medications for the treatment of disease.  
Additionally, taking a proactive preventative approach, he added, is better than utilizing the standard defensive role we currently use in Western medicine. Why do we spend energy and resources to treat the disease rather than attempt to prevent getting it in the first place?
In this exclusive interview with Top Doctor Magazine, Dr. Ivan Edwards, a renowned physician and expert in rehabilitation, musculoskeletal medicine and comprehensive pain management, relates how “medicine has taken a trend where we are treating diseases when they occur because we ignored the preventative measures in treating them before they occur.” 
To this end, Dr. Edwards believes that medical treatment should “embody a holistic approach in treating [the] diseases.”
It is an honor to announce Dr. Edwards’ exclusive interview in Top Doctor Magazine.
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