John Perlow’s New Book, ‘A Drug Fueled Life: The Bird, the Frog and the Boss’, Follows a Life Submerged in Addiction and a Man’s Attempts of Fleeing From It

Fulton Books author John Perlow, a 60-year-old divorced father of three daughters, who just recently became a grandfather for the first time to twins born during the pandemic and was a thoroughbred horse-racing official for most of his life, has completed his most recent book “A Drug Fueled Life: The Bird, the Frog and the Boss”: a heart-stirring read about a man who struggled with the repercussions of drugs and addiction. This is a chronological account tracing his efforts and struggles to break free from the chains that keep him away from sobriety.

Perlow writes, “This book is a summary of one person’s drug-influenced life and the eventual chaos and consequences that can occur through the progression of the disease. The book (or books, if you will) chronicles one person’s many attempts and desire to escape the grip of addiction!”
Published by Fulton Books, John Perlow’s book is a venture of seeking redemption from the influence of drugs. It gives the readers a series of stories following one person’s struggle with relapses and of renewing his life.
This story is profound and inspirational to readers from all walks of life.
Readers who wish to experience this excellent work can purchase “A Drug Fueled Life: The Bird, the Frog and the Boss” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books