John N. Garns’ New Book ‘Poems of Inspiration and Faith’ Follows a Personal Journey of Embracing Faith and Hearing God’s Voice in a Struggle-Filled Life

Fulton Books author John N. Garns, a long-time writer, a member of Hope Community Church; has completed his most recent book “Poems of Inspiration and Faith”: a wondrous poetry collection that carries words and journeys of finding hope amidst the unending waves of trials.
John writes, “This is a book of hope, the hope I found in Jesus Christ through all my joys and all my trials. I called upon Him and He came to me. As a matter of fact, He never left me! He was there all the time, waiting for me to come to Him. When I finally did, He blessed me and rescued me and joined in with me in joyous celebration. May your hope be restored and inspired as you read my book, Poems of Inspiration and Faith.”
Published by Fulton Books, John N. Garns’ book is a thought-provoking reflection of life and how he found direction with the help of God. Throughout the choices and circumstances he found himself in, he was able to rest his faith in the Lord and walk the right path.
Readers may find themselves in these meaningful words and ultimately gain inspiration.
Readers who wish to experience this wonderful work can purchase “Poems of Inspiration and Faith” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.
Source: Fulton Books