John Mont Chateau & Eric Wade Jones’ New Book ‘Corona-ku: A Quarantined Conversation in Haiku’ Is An Artistic Expression Of Journeys Throughout The Quarantine Days

John Mont Chateau, an explorer, an educator, a writer; and Eric Wade Jones, an active community volunteer, an experienced national disaster planner, and calamity wrangler, have completed their most recent book “Corona-ku: A Quarantined Conversation in Haiku”: an enlightening poetry collection full of thoughts and expressions of experience. Voiced out from deep and personal perspectives, these haikus are an inspiration and a reflection of what the world around us has become in the recent times.
John and Eric write,
“Dear Reader,
I stare longingly
out at my panicked city
assured, and ready.
We thank you for reading Corona-ku: A Quarantined Conversation in Haiku. We believe the response to coronavirus had challenged us all in different ways. We also believe this collection is a slice of ordinary people navigating extraordinary times and experiences. We also believe this voice here has tremendous potential since this experience was so global in nature. This is also a call to action for all artists to share their art as part of the human experience, even in the face of challenge because the world needs strong art, culture, and voice.
We are two everyday Americans. Eric is a disaster coordinator and entrepreneur consulting for New York City and various governmental disaster relief teams throughout the United States and John is a high school English teacher in an inner-city school in Reno, Nevada. We used haiku as a coping strategy to get through the struggle of the quarantine. It is at once a relief and outlet but also an inspiration and a work of encouragement.
Transitions are hard;
change forces growing pains here.
There. Seeds split to expand.
We hope you find a connection to the conversation. We hope it sparks a little creativity in you. We look forward to the art that advances the world, our experience, our development. Cheers.”
Published by Fulton Books, John Mont Chateau & Eric Wade Jones’ book is a raw and stirring compilation of haikus born from days of isolation and adjustment.
Just as the authors have lived and shone light in their own dark corners, they also wish that everyone else will find growth and feel inspired even through the struggle. In times of hardship, like what they did, it’s good to haiku one’s way out of it!
Readers who wish to experience this amazing work can purchase “Corona-ku: A Quarantined Conversation in Haiku” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books