Joel McHale & Co-Founders Launching App That Lets You Play Video Games With Celebrities

A star-studded team including actor and comedian Joel McHale, New England Patriots defensive end Chase Winovich, and Aer frontman Carter Reeves have built a revolutionary social gaming platform called Kleos Live, which lets fans play video games with celebrities and influencers.
The company hopes to be a leading force in the roughly $150B video game and Esports industry by creating a platform for two-way interaction between fans and celebrities through gaming. Fans can use Kleos to book sessions to play directly with celebrities of their choosing. While playing, Kleos users will be able to chat with their celebrity partner, and the entire match is streamed in-app so that they can watch and share the action with friends and fans alike.
According to Kleos CEO, Max Keating, “Like us, many celebrities are huge gamers during their downtime, so we’re giving them a recreational outlet that also creates memorable experiences for their fans, all while benefiting charity.”
A portion of the proceeds from each match played will go straight to charities partnered with Kleos. The company is laser-focused on doing well and giving back, with the origin of its name deriving from a Greek word referencing earned glory through honor. Greek heroes earned “kleos” upon completing good deeds, and the founding team feels that our modern-day heroes would likewise be deserving of kleos when they take the time to connect with fans and raise money for charity. Kleos is partnering directly with charities nationwide to help promote their causes. According to investor & board member, David Jumper, “We intend to focus the platforms of celebrity and gaming to create a powerful tool for charities to reach new donors and have a unique channel to re-engage existing donors.” 
Every game played through Kleos will be streamed in the app, and the app’s ‘watch’ page will be an archive for footage of celebrities and athletes streaming their gameplay. Said actor, comedian and co-founder, Joel McHale, “I love video games first and then my fans, and in that order. To connect the two is only natural, and I know many of my fellow celeb friends are excited to tackle and demolish their fans for a good cause.”
Kleos is free to download, and anyone can tune in to the live streams and watch the action. To play a game, a player pays a fee that is dependent on the talent member’s rate and the length of the match. The app launches on March 22, 2021, and will be available on both Apple’s App Store at launch and Google’s Play Store soon after. You don’t need to wait until then, however, as you can be first in line with Kleos available for pre-registration on iOS now.
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Source: Kleos Live LLC