JobSeer Launches New Compact View, Mini Box, to Make Job Searches More Convenient for All Job Seekers

JobSeer, the AI-powered Chrome extension tool for job seekers, announces the launch of Mini Box, a compact view that provides immediate condensed insights on candidacy for users to refer to on-the-go.
In the first quarter of 2021, JobSeer has shown its commitment to deliver innovative solutions for job seekers to target the right employment opportunities and employers. These features include its built-in advanced job matching, skills recommendation, resume analysis, recruiters’ and employees’ contact finder features to help job seekers cut through the long exhaustive job listings on traditional job boards. A month after its first release, JobSeer unveiled a Visa Sponsorship Feature to bridge the gap between employers and foreign job seekers looking for sponsorship.
JobSeer makes it simple for job seekers to browse job listings on the open web while viewing the tool’s AI-powered insights. With Mini Box, users can enhance ease-of-use by quickly scanning the most critical job description insights. The Mini Box consists of a candidate match score, expected base salary, company size and revenue, and visa sponsorship history to allow job seekers to assess their qualifications and employment needs before choosing to learn more about candidacy details and finding a recruiter and employee contact information.

“From our years helping recruiters build better candidate experiences, we know that staying organized and resourceful is essential in the job search process,” said Steven Jiang, CEO and co-founder at Hiretual. “Mini Box is a mighty solution packed into a concise view to help job seekers digest the most important details for their job search quickly for a more seamless and efficient experience when browsing through multiple tabs and consuming lots of information at once.”
About JobSeer:
Launched in 2021, JobSeer is the go-to AI-powered tool designed for job seekers. By integrating Hiretual’s AI-driven data engine, JobSeer helps job seekers gain an advantage to navigate their job search in the technological world by discovering the most suitable roles based on preferences and qualifications. JobSeer cuts through the long exhaustive job listings on traditional job boards to narrow the job search scope to make the hiring process more effective with AI utilization.
Rene Cheng
Content Marketing Growth
Source: Hiretual