ok so like i am 12 years old(girl) and i need some ways to make money for the summer
of by the end of summer i need to make at least 172 dollars cuz i’m saving up for a tiffany bracelet n charms n we’re going to san francisco in the fall AND my parents think it’s too much money so i need to save u for it

i need a list of jobs that a 12 r old girl could do like babysitting or something

1. tell how much i shoulc charge
2. tell how much i would make
4. and in the u.s. dollar plz no punds n cnadian dollarsd
it’s not for a guy don’t worry!!!
ne way
it’s a tiffany bracelet n i need charms with it so like the braclet would be um…iono aroung 172 and then i need the charms so like 220

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