Job Security And Financial Freedom… In This Economy?

Each day, the news contains story after story about business closures, job losses, and rising unemployment. Jobs that were once thought to be careers are now threatened. The credit crunch has not only eradicated investment portfolios and retirement dreams, it has decimated job security – and in the midst of all this is YOU.

Did you once feel comfortable in the job you had? Did you once look at your investment portfolio and dream about a lazy retirement? Do you now go into work, hoping that today isn’t the day of another round of lay-offs?

In this age of belt-tightening and “what-now?” investing, it can be tempting to focus on the darkness, the unknown. After all, economists and politicians – the “experts” – seem to be scratching their heads in wonderment with each new day of bad news.

But there are opportunities out there. While many companies’ stock prices are sliding into the sewer, there are investments that are on the rise. Hard to believe, but true. And the same goes for jobs, too. While many people have been hit hard with job loss (or the fear of job loss), there are still jobs that are in demand. Not only that, there are jobs available right now that can provide a pre-recession income.

One of those jobs is a career in telecom sales. For the right person, telecom sales can be the opportunity to enjoy financial security again – even financial freedom and job security – during the credit crunch. There are three reasons that a telecom sales job is the right job in this economy.

1. Telecom solutions are ALWAYS in demand so you have the job security that others do not enjoy. People might cut back on paying for entertainment; they might buy fewer clothes; they might take fewer trips; they might buy lower quality food; but they will continue to use mobile phones. You know it’s true for consumers. It’s also true for businesses. Organisations that want to get their sales staff into the marketplace might save money by scaling down office expenses; they might stop the so called perks; but they need their sales staff to be connected. And that requires telecom solutions.

As a telecom sales consultant, your job would be to meet in-demand needs from businesses that know they require telecom solutions to survive and thrive. You would be the expert, guiding them in their decision-making to help them discover the best plan for their needs. Unlike other sales positions, like many retail positions, this is an opportunity for trusted, respected business-to-business (B2B) solution selling. With every interaction, you build job security as business clients come to trust you to help them succeed.

2. Telecom sales are commission-based, so you’re not stuck earning a salary that puts a cap on your earning potential. Along with job security from the increasing trust you generate, you can also enjoy financial success. Financial success is one of those common phrases that job-seekers hear so frequently it becomes laughable. Sadly, many of those claims come out of low-paying call centre jobs that demand a pound of flesh from their employees and provide little respect or actual remuneration in return.

Telecom sales, though, can offer real financial success. That’s because it’s not a call centre job or a retail job in which your pay depends on who answers the phone or who comes into the store. If you want ten customers, you secure ten customers. If you want a hundred customers, you secure a hundred customers. There’s no income cap or ceiling – the commission you earn from your efforts is yours and if you want a lot of money you can get it.

This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. As a commission-based sales consultant, the only limit you place on your income is yourself. If you think you’ll fail, it becomes a distinct possibility. But if you are confident that you’ll succeed, and earn the money you deserve by actively going into the marketplace and finding those customers, you can succeed – even far more than you imagine.

 3. Telecom sales can fit into your life. Sometimes you hear about people having to take on a low-paying part-time job to supplement their current full-time one. It might be the right choice for some people who have lost the job security they once had; or perhaps a spouse has lost a job and the income needs to be made up somehow. This is where a telecom sales position is beneficial. Unlike directing traffic or restocking shelves, telecom sales can be the perfect part time solution. Because you are commission based, your time is virtually your own, which means your success is also.

It simply doesn’t make sense to get stuck in a minimum wage second job (a “just-in-case” job) when your second job can help you earn as much or more than your normal position. In fact, if that were the case, you wouldn’t care about job security in your first job, would you!?!


Sales is not a job for everyone. It requires hard work, dedication, and a positive, outgoing attitude. It can be demanding. At times it can be frustrating – and if anyone tells you differently, they’re lying.

But, sales is the perfect job for many people; and that’s even truer in today’s financial situation when people need job security and financial security more than ever. For the person who likes interacting with others, and who wants to enjoy a role as a trusted provider of business telecom solutions and who wants the commensurate reward of uncapped potential, then telecom sales is the right job.

Are you ready to enjoy greater job security? Are you ready to enjoy uncapped earning potential? And do you want job security and financial security that fits your lifestyle?

Steve Reiffer, National Sales Manager @ Australux Telecoms (SWING), Australia.

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