Jim Kelly Interview 2010 (Part 1): Talks John Saxon, Internet rumors, The Gracies, Bruce Lee MUST


www.remoteincome.com Get started today for only $4.97, limited time only. make money online, how to make money online, work from home, online job Jim Kelly Interview 2010 (Part 1) Talks John Saxon, Internet rumors, The Gracies, Bruce Lee Uncut/Unedited Interview with the legendary Jim Kelly (Enter the Dragon, Black Belt Jones) as he touches upon different subjects for the fans. Jim Kelly is most famous for his role as the ultra smooth talking and cool cat character Williams in Enter the Dragon (Operation Dragon) starring Bruce Lee, John Saxon, Ahna Capri, Kien Shih, and Bolo Yeung (Yang Sze). His character had some of the most memorable lines in movie making history. He is also a highly regarded Karate expert and Tennis professional. He later appeared in a successful string of blaxploitation and Martial arts films in the 1970s such as Black Belt Jones, Three the hard way, Tattoo Connection, Golden Needles, Hot Potato, Take a Hard Ride, and Black Samurai. He recently appeared in Afro Ninja and the banned Nike commercial The Chamber of Fear with NBA star LeBron James. Here in Part 1 some highlights include John Saxon, Rumors from the internet and about kicking Bruce Lee’s ass, Training with the Gracies (Rickson, Royce, Royler), and what he honestly thinks of Bruce Lee (The Father of Mixed Martial Arts). Filmed at the Autograph Nationals in Pasadena, CA in March 2010. Special thanks to Mr.Kelly for his time, generosity, and courtesy, Your kindness will never be forgotten

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