JIGSCUT Launched Jigsaw Puzzle Machine Designed for Small Businesses Offering Puzzle-Making Solutions

JIGSCUT, a die-cutting solutions provider from China, recently took a significant step forward to empower small and home-based businesses that offer custom die-cutting solutions. The company launched a low-cost roller style puzzle machine which Ling Yang, the marketing manager of JIGSCUT, described as ideal for making puzzles with personalized images. Yang added that the machine is ideal for small orders and is specially designed for small and home-based businesses.
Ling Yang said at a recent launch event that the machine was designed specifically for small businesses that offer custom jigsaw puzzle making services. They also mentioned that the machine is ideal for any business that accepts small orders. The reason, as they cited, is that the machine can run on less electricity and is easy to operate. The machine works with puzzle dies and they also declared that their designing groups are capable to create most unique puzzle cutting dies.
“One doesn’t need special skills to operate this machine. Anybody can utilize this for making puzzles. The machine’s cutting capacity is only limited to width; hence anyone can make longer puzzles using this one. The rollers are made of seamless steel and treated by heat, which keeps them straight and ensure perfect cutting while the cutting dies going through the rollers. At the same time, as the puzzle dies are most difficult steel rule dies on production, it is much easier for them to make top-quality dies for packing and printing and all other cutting dies related,” Yang continued.
Yang added that all the electrical parts are manufactured by reputable OEM brands, some of which are CE certified as well. The machine has running speed of 6 to 10 meters per minute and there’s an electric button to control the speed. It can also be operated in reverse mode and the pressure can be adjusted.
“It has ON and OFF buttons on both sides, and it can be used for cutting cards and boxes and all other types of papers. All the machines come with a one-year guarantee, and within this period, if the machine malfunctions due to manufacturing defects, we are here to provide extensive support. We offer lifelong after sales service for all products. Our after sales service includes diagnosis and regular maintenance too,” added Ling Yang from JIGSCUT.
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JIGSCUT is a reputable die cutting solutions provider.
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