Jessica M. Ayala’s New Book ‘Today Was Fun’ is a Charming Board Book That Talks About Ways on How to Make a Kid’s Day Fun and Unforgettable

Fulton Books author Jessica M. Ayala, a dutiful wife and mother who believes in the importance of family, has completed her most recent book “Today Was Fun”: a candid and entertaining read that promotes family bonding moments to create a better childhood for kids. This short story explores the day in the life of a boy named Ethan where he shares all the activities he has done throughout the day. He concluded that as long as he’s with the people dear to him, each day will always be a fun day.
Jessica writes, “Today Was Fun is about a boy named Ethan who wants to tell you the many ways he had fun that specific day. The book includes interactive ways for you and your child to exercise and also gives you and your child something to talk about in regards to colors, animals, and different objects that they’ll see in the book.”
Published by Fulton Books, Jessica M. Ayala’s book is a beautifully written story perfect for the bonding moments of the whole family. Through the vibrant art, parents can use this as a tool to introduce the colors, objects, and animals, found in each page of this fascinating piece.
Readers who wish to experience this amusing work can purchase “Today Was Fun” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
Source: Fulton Books