Jeffery Young’s New Book ‘Tales Out of Church’ Tells About a Priest’s Interesting and Humorous Stories, From the Most Random to the Deeply Profound

Jeffery Young, an author who has received several writing awards and was named as Chattanooga state’s most outstanding writer for 2005, has completed his most recent book “Tales out of Church”: a lighthearted opus that is shared to uplift readers of all ages as they listen to Father Connie’s everyday dialogs.
Jeffery writes, “‘Tales out of Church’ is a collection of short stories told by an over-imaginative Catholic priest. He is Father Cornelius Daugherty, called ‘Father Connie’ by his friends. It’s the Christmas season. When most people are scurrying from stores and banks and picking up relatives at airports and train stations, Father Connie is daydreaming about talking sandwiches, gourmet meals, and fighting dragons on a train. However, as a priest, Father Connie is often dazed by the true-to-life stories of people just trying to live their lives. He encounters the comedy of courting today and a father’s frustration in raising a teenage daughter. Finally, ‘Tales out of Church is a love story that begins in the El Salvador insurgency and persists in a forbidden courtship that lasts for decades. In the last chapter of the book, Father Cornelius Daugherty tells a story at the Christmas morning mass about a man who builds a machine to get to heaven, only to be reminded that Jesus Christ is the only way.”
Published by Fulton Books, Young’s book is an exciting and wonderful read into the banters, musings, and value-filled stories of a priest. This book serves as a gleaming light to readers as they continue to walk through their spiritual journey and bring other people with them to follow Jesus Christ.
Readers who wish to experience this engrossing work can purchase “Tales out of Church” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books