Jay Bartels Tells All – Is There Money in a Home Business? Does Zilergy Really Pay Out?

www.JayBartels.com With all the so called “Life Changing” get rich quick company’s promising us a world of wealth and an opportunity to free ourselves from this awful economy and an escape from the Matrix we’ve seemed to have fallen in to more and more of us have become very skeptical and for good reason. Most MLM, direct sales companies and work from home marketing businesses require us to recruit, recruit and recruit. It’s very rare to find a business that focuses on selling a quality product that helps customers make money as opposed to spending money. There are some great products out there such as Avon, Mary Kay, Talk Fusion, Mona Vie, Ameriplan, Organo and many more. Although the products are great it’s very difficult for a distributor to actually make a full time living without having to continuously recruit more reps due to the fact that most distributors will give up if their making money in the first 30-60 days. Having said that I can now honestly stand behind Zilergy 100% because I have the Checks to prove it. The beginning of this video was posted on Youtube well over a year ago when I received my first check after only a couple of weeks after they officially launched. After watching this video you will see that the checks are still coming and they’re getting bigger and bigger every week. The beauty of it all is I have a product that everyone needs that’s very affordable and very easy to use. The kicker is that it makes other businesses money. Retail stores

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