James Burke : Connections, Episode 10, “Yesterday, Tomorrow and You”, 3 of 5 (CC)

Watch Entire Show: www.youtube.com More Shows: www.youtube.com Episode 10, conclusion of James Burke’s most well-known series “Connections” which explored the surprising and unexpected ways that our modern technological world came into existence; ways often having more to do with happenstance than planning or foresight. The series dealt with what Mr. Burke calls “connections” between nearly-unrelated historical figures who’s ideas, once “connected”, caused major changes to occur in the present day, and beyond. Burke showed that only in retrospect can we really appreciate and comprehend the profound impact that these particular (and almost exclusively accidental) connections had, and then questions whether or not that need be the case as we move forward. It is this type of investigation that is the core idea behind the Knowledge Web project, whereby sophisticated software is being developed to attempt to discover these subtle interconnections automatically. See k-web.org. See channel page for purchase options.

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