Jamar Power Systems Announces New San Diego Solar Monitoring Service

Jamar Power Systems, a San Diego area provider of solar energy solutions for homeowners, has announced the launch of its Solar Monitoring Service.
Solar energy systems are silent and unless their power output is being monitored a homeowner wouldn’t know if the system was working properly or not until they got an electric bill from the utility company for energy the solar panels should have produced.
Many solar installation companies have closed their doors and gone out of business over the last several years. Those closings have left many homeowners without the support of their installers for monitoring, repairs, and warranty work.
Jamar Power Systems created this new program to help those homeowners who have lost their solar contractor and need to find a reliable company to monitor and service their solar energy system.
Through this service, Jamar takes on the responsibility of assisting in monitoring the solar system’s performance and providing solar service at a reduced rate to San Diego based clients.
Jamar works with their clients to understand the detailed reports associated with their energy production to ensure the system is properly functioning. 
The Solar Monitoring Service offers real-time alerts on system performance and power usage.
Remote troubleshooting is performed in response to alerts. If an alert warrants the dispatch of a solar technician to the site, it is scheduled at a reduced rate.
The founder of Jamar, Phil Edwards, states that “Peace of mind is not just knowing your solar system is healthy, but also having a professional on call, ready to respond when it is not.”
This new program is available to San Diego homeowners with a solar energy system who are looking for an affordable way to monitor their systems remotely. 
Jamar Power Systems has been serving San Diego County homes and businesses since 1984 with electrical service and since 2006 with solar energy systems.
Jamar Power System’s solar monitoring program is compatible with all solar panels and inverter systems and is available at just five dollars per month or fifty dollars per year.
For more information, visit their website at www.jamarpower.com/solar-power/solar-monitoring or contact their customer service at (619) 448-7770.
Source: Jamar Power Systems