Jaguar’s New Book ‘Dream’ Unravels a Gripping Fiction That Revolves Around a Forbidden Friendship and a Newfound Love

Fulton Books author Jaguar, a part-time author, full-time medical laboratory technician, and fulltime student, has completed her most recent book “Dream”: an engrossing tale about a woman who formed an unexpected bond with a creature that will take her to unknown adventures. Throughout this journey, she finds a will to live and a hint of danger as well.
Jaguar writes, “Jessica Dalton is a wayward teen just trying to find peace in her life. Her father decides to start a new life for both of them after the sudden death of her mother. She soon finds herself inexplicably connected to the town and the nature that surrounds her new life. Her curiosity of life and these new feelings consume her and seem to draw her to the unbelievable. She attends school with very little to do with extracurricular activities and meeting people. With no interest in finding friends, she was surprised to find a deep, intimate connection with a complete stranger. Especially when she finds out what he is, a Skinwalker. A creature of pure myth and something that she understands little about. Knowing what he is only adds to the connection between them. Her father forbids the union and does what he can to win his daughter back. His family isn’t happy with the union either, but they realize the trouble this will bring and the need to keep them protected. With the excitement of her new relationship fueling her drive for her life and seeing the increasingly obvious downward spiral her father is trapped in, will she choose the love of her life or choose the path her family already had laid out?”
Published by Fulton Books, Jaguar’s book will give the readers an enchanting story about one’s exploration into uncharted domains and unfamiliar encounters.
Readers who wish to experience this brilliant work can purchase “Dream” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
Source: Fulton Books