Jacksonville’s Elite Tax Preparation and Accounting Firm Our Bookkeepers Offering Free Tax Consultations During Tax Season

Our Bookkeepers Inc., an elite tax-preparation and accounting firm in Jacksonville, Florida, specializes in helping individuals, both employees and self-employed business owners,
develop a tax plan and prepare tax returns that are in their best financial interest. Throughout this tax season, Our Bookkeepers is conducting free tax consultations by phone and Zoom (Free consultations are limited to the first 50 respondents only – click here to for scheduling availability).
“Understanding the tax code in a year with so many changes related to COVID-19 is of utmost importance when handling your taxes”, said Zoran Pajkanovic, Founder of Our Bookkeepers.
Using tax experts can be the difference between owing money to the IRS and obtaining a sizable tax return, which is why Our Bookkeepers distinguishes itself from other accounting services in the following ways:
Why wait, schedule your free tax consultation or via phone 904-425-1238.
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