Jacksonville, NC, Has a STEM Camp for K-12th Graders

SW Design School is so excited to announce that the OLD Onslow County Partnership for Children location is K-12 Coders’ NEW HOME. K-12 Coders offers 8,000 square feet of STEM fun to local school-age children.
SW Design School LLC d/b/a K-12 Coders provides STEM training to K-12 Graders, in addition to being a state-approved North Carolina Apprenticeship and YOUTH Apprenticeship program for those seeking to become certified computer programmers and/or graphic designers.
This approved DoDSkillBridge Industry Partner provides a STEM Instructor Training course to active-duty service members anywhere in the USA. Those active-duty service members seeking to relocate to North Carolina have 103 N. Plain Road, Jacksonville, N.C., as one of the job sites that they can select to gain STEM skills.
K-12 Coders, recently sponsored by AFWERX, is no stranger to the Department of Defense. AirForce STEM has been funding K-12 Coders since 2016.
“In the midst of a pandemic, it is challenging for civilians to find employment right now, plus the added pressures and uncertainty that Transitioning Service Members (TSMs) experience when separating can become overwhelming for them,” said Tarsha Weary, Regional Director. K-12 Coders’ partnership with DoDSkillBridge provides an opportunity for TSMs to receive the following skills as they separate within their last 180 days of service. TSMs are taught to teach the following skills at K-12 Coders camps.
K-12 Coders skills include:
Please join K-12 Coders on Friday, May 07, 2021, for FREE FOOD (while supplies last) and TOUR from 3 PM – 8 PM at 103 N. Plain Road, Jacksonville, NC 28546. For more information about the company, please visit www.K-12Coders.com.
Source: K-12 Coders