Jackson’s English & Western Store Provides Free Boot Break-Ins with Purchase

Jackson’s English & Western Store, which operates online at JacksonsWestern.com and in its flagship retail location in Michigan, provides some very unique value to its customers. Nowhere else – certainly nowhere else in Michigan – can customers go to receive such expert advice on women’s and men’s western wear, including boots and boot fitting, stretching, and break in services. In this arena, they really shine.

In addition to having Michigan’s largest collection of western clothing for men and women, including boots from favorite brands like Ariat, Durango, Twisted X, Tony Lama, Double H, and many others, Jackson’s English & Western Store also has an experienced staff that offers a number of valuable services to its clients – and many of them are free of charge.

Customers can visit Jackson’s English & Western Store in search of Ariat Western Boots, but when they find that perfect pair of Ariat boots for men or women, the journey is only partway completed. Western boots, unlike other footwear, must be carefully sized, stretched, and then broken in before they can be worn comfortably. That famous fit that comes from cowboy boots must be earned, but luckily the staff at Jackson’s help their customers earn it.

Boot fitting, stretching, and break-in services are complementary with the purchase of a pair of western boots at their store, whether for men, women, or for a child. It takes years of experience to know how to break in a pair of western boots in short order, but the staff at Jackson’s are some of the few who can do it – and it comes free with a new pair of boots.

These services alone sweeten the deal of shopping with Jackson’s English and Western Store, but it is far from all they offer. For customers that cannot visit them in-store, they offer their online storefront at the address listed above, where customers can find not only Ariat Square Toe Boots but an entire assortment of other work boots, western boots, and men’s and women’s western wear.

Their online store is complete with shirts, dresses, pants, chaps gloves, and other accessories for western fashion as well as western showmanship, in addition to western-style hats from popular makers like Stetson and Bullhide, belts, and belt buckles, jewelry, and much, much more. They even provide a nice selection of tack and other accessories for riding and other equestrian sports.

Any customers who are interested in learning more about the unique fitting, break-in, and other services offered at Jackson’s English & Western Store are encouraged to reach out to them directly. Their staff can be reached by phone at 269-792-2550, or by email if that is preferable, at jacksonswestern@gmail.com.