J.V. Blenman’s New Book ‘There Are Holes in My Body’ is an Informative Piece Meant to Educate Children on How to Treat Their Bodies With Respect and Love

Fulton Books author J.V. Blenman, a proficient writer, has completed her most recent book “There Are Holes In My Body”:  a short and educational read perfect for kids and their guardians. It discusses the importance of knowing one’s body and the ways to protect those important holes that God has placed on it. The story is written in an easy-to-comprehend manner, making sure that both children and their parents or teachers will smoothly get the gist of it.

Blenman shares, “‘The body is a vessel given by God’ (Romans 12:1).
Treating our bodies with love and respect is a way of respecting and pleasing God.
There Are Holes in My Body speaks to young children ages three to ten years or persons of an impressionable age who are more vulnerable to the act of child abuse. Parents and caregivers can feel a sense of comfort having a discussion about body parts in a language that children understand and with a clear and simple picture of how the body is made up and why it functions the way it does. It gives the teacher (parents or caregivers) the ease of offering the right tone when speaking about what might be termed a difficult topic. Parents are able to inform the child or children about a topic that is sometimes shunned. Parents also have the opportunity to further educate the child as they experience their own body in motion every day—hearing, smelling, eating, at bath, and toilet time. There Are Holes in My Body comes to life in these moments.
The subject of child abuse of any nature touches every part of the globe. This type of behaviour is an outrage and a scourge that needs to be stamped out.
According to the website www.cdc.gov, one in four girls and one in 13 boys will be sexually abused. It further stated that 91 percent of child abuse is perpetrated by someone the child knows. They outlined issues stemming from child sexual abuse that affects persons way into adulthood as health and mental problems, to include physical injuries (hurting oneself), heart disease, obesity, cancer, unwanted pregnancies, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as well as behavioural consequences such as substance abuse, risky sexual behaviour, and risk of suicide.
There is some certainty that this book will take us forward to a better place. It is believed that arming parents and caregivers with helpful information regarding these issues is a step in the right direction. In so doing, we can look to a better world for all, void of the scars our children can endure, thereby ensuring that they are not made into our worse enemies.”
Published by Fulton Books, J.V. Blenman’s book is an instructive picture book that is meant to be used as a tool to help children understand how precious their bodies are. It tackles a sensitive topic and uses straightforward terms in a respectful way.
This short story aims to inform children that there are certain parts of their body that are meant to be private; and those parts are not allowed to be seen by any adult, despite asking their permission.
Through this book, the author hopes to encourage every adult to stand against the child sexual abuse that is rampant in society today.
Readers who wish to experience this illuminating work can purchase “There Are Holes In My Body” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books