J. Darnell Johnson’s New Book ‘Roots Four Zero’ is a Magical Realism Novel That Takes Readers to a Fantastical Journey of Zero as She Looks for the Core of Her Existence

Fulton Books author J. Darnell Johnson, a passionate storyteller who combines his love for African American history and culture with his creative imagination, has completed his most recent book “Roots Four Zero”: a captivating read about a teenage slave girl searching for her roots. She goes by the name Zero, because her master and mistress wanted everyone to see her as nothing. Without any idea of who she really was and her land of origin, the young girl gathered all her courage to run away and find the answers to the questions regarding her whole being. Guided by a beautiful and whimsical being, Zero is set to unfold the mystery of her existence.

Johnson shares, “What would you do with no identity, culture, history or roots? How would you go about your life? What would you do once you get those attributes? How would it make you different than you were when you didn’t have those attributes? These are the questions that a lost people living through slavery may have experienced. They longed for these qualities. It is the essence of their being. Come and see how Zero and her companions search for knowing who they are and the courage they need to find it.”
Published by Fulton Books, J. Darnell Johnson’s book is a rich and gripping story that seamlessly combines magic and reality. It is a vivid fictional world with characters facing realistic problems such as discrimination, abuse, and finding one’s identity. These things made Zero a character that is relatable to many readers.
The author is commendable for tackling societal issues while making it entertaining by incorporating fantasy elements.
Readers who wish to experience this short yet impactful work can purchase “Roots Four Zero” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books