IVF Mexico Provider Publishes 2019 IVF Success Rates

When choosing a fertility clinic for reproductive treatment, one of many important factors to consider is the clinic’s IVF success rates.

“We understand choosing a fertility clinic for fertility treatment should not be chosen solely by comparing success rates, but if potential patients have access to these numbers [IVF success rates], we feel gives patients encouragement to ask questions and further discuss the success rates and the best fertility treatment for every unique situation. Here at LIV, live birth rates from fresh donor eggs and pregnancy rate using own eggs are stats to really focus on,” stated LIV Fertility Center Embryologist, Karla Martin del Campo.

IVF Mexico success rates vary with many factors, with the age of the woman underlining the most critical factor when women are using their own eggs during fertility treatment. Success rates decrease as women age, specifically after the mid-30s.

Success Rates at Prominent IVF Mexico Fertility Center –

“It is our obligation to share LIV success rates openly and honestly and we’re delighted to report that our above national average success rates accurately depict our excellent performance in 2019,” mentioned LIV Fertility Center Medical Director, Dr. Francisco Velez.

“We bring together the best science has to offer with our esteemed fertility specialists. It’s not cliché to say we genuinely live to get people to a place they love, meaning parenthood. We live for the happiness it brings our patients.”

IVF Mexico Provider LIV Fertility Center 2019 Success Rates –

Egg Survival Rate: 88.3% (Global Rate 2018: 78-85%)
Embryo Survival Rate: 98.3% (Global Rate 2018: 80-85%)
Fertilization Rate: 89.5% (Global Rate 2018: 78-86%)
Blastocyst Rate: 54.4% (Global Rate 2018: 51-54%)
Pregnancy Rate Using Own Eggs Under 35 Years: 51.2%
Pregnancy Rate Using Own eggs over 40: 17.4% (Global Rate: 4%)
Pregnancy Rate Using Donor Eggs Under 35 Years: 64.7%
Pregnancy Rate Using Donor Eggs Over 40 Years: 73.7%

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