iTechArt Group Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program to Drive Growth and Agility for Startups

iTechArt (, a custom software development company, is pleased to announce it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program. As a member of the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program, iTechArt will deliver technology and trusted infrastructure required to help businesses accelerate cloud adoption and connect data across AL and ML, cloud migration, IoT, and more. 
“Joining the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program is recognition of our team’s successful experience in utilizing cloud solutions. iTechArt will continue investing in new services and solutions, R&D, and talent acquisition to deliver strong customer experiences and help solve issues related to doing business in the cloud,” said Glyn Roberts, CTO of Digital Solutions at iTechArt.
With a growing number of companies seeking to benefit from the potential of cloud-based solutions, Google Cloud will enable iTechArt specialists to provide services including: 
Additionally, the resources made available by Google Cloud will help iTechArt’s experts stay attuned to the latest trends in cloud development, better understand the needs of their client, and deliver polished, profitable solutions for complex cloud projects.
About iTechArt
Founded in 2002, iTechArt empowers fast-growing startups and innovative enterprises alike to scale more effectively with the help of dedicated development teams. Comprising 1,800+ top-ranked engineers, we are fluent in all things web, mobile, cloud, AI, and ML, as well as blockchain and VR/AR solutions. For that reason, Deloitte, The Global Outsourcing 100, and Inc. 5000 have consistently recognized us among the United States’ leading software development companies. To learn more about iTechArt, please visit
Source: iTechArt Group