Is Vitel a SCAM? Penny Kyle-Area Sales Manager Penny Kyle – Successful Home Based Bus. Coach Facebook Is Vitel a SCAM? There are many people that have been a part of network marketing companies that when things don’t go the way they wanted it to go feel the need to bash and point blame on the company itself. Vitel wireless is a MLM and the founders have a combined 55 years of experience in the industry. Every company has an income disclosure and it should be read prior to joining. Alot of people are looking for a get rich quick scheme and that is not how you become successful. It takes hard work and dedication, not giving up or quitting, and perseverance to endure all of the speed bumps in owning a business. Vitel has been voted as one of the top companies in the industry and what Vitel says it will do it does. People must make sure they research all the information of the company and make an educated decision as to where they want to position them-self. I would love to speak to you one on one about Vitel and all that Vitel has to offer. Please contact me at the links above.

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