Is it Time to Start Working From Home?

Are you wishing that you could just stay home, instead of driving those long hours to and from work every day? With rapidly rising gasoline prices these days, it costs more money to go anywhere, including work. One way to beat the high gas prices is to work from home. Many employers are even starting to encourage employees who can work from home to do so, at least for a few days, in order to cut down on gas prices and business expenses. The only thing stopping most of us from working at home is having the technology, or computers, to finish that work.

Some job options for the work-at-home crowd include accounting, beauty product consulting, and blogging. Jobs that don’t require much interaction and can be done with nothing more than a computer with internet connection. Other popular jobs that can easily be done primarily in the privacy of your own home include being a travel agent, mystery shopping, or bridal consulting. There are also many online job opportunities that offer online training, management, and extra benefits and incentives. Such incentives often include travel, bonus checks or commissions, automobiles, flat screen televisions, and so on.

There is one job opportunity that is taking this internet by storm, however. And that is network marketing. Network marketing alone has gained many many people millions upon millions of dollars in extra income. Many have retired and fired their bosses already! In fact, some online marketing businesses have goals of creating more millionaires in the world. Sounds like a bunch of hot air, sure. But, they’re doing it! So, something must be working right. I will tell you about one such company in a moment.

So, you’re working at home, making lots of money. And here comes your little daughter, who wants to play with her rubber ball. And there goes the washing machine, signaling the wash cycle is complete. And now the phone rings. It’s a friend who likes to chat for hours at a time. Now, the spouse comes in and wants dinner prepared. You see, one of the biggest problems facing home-employed people is that they can’t seem to separate their work from their families. Work starts to creep in to the time that they would normally spend with their family because they can’t just get up and leave the office. And family starts to creep into the time that is supposed to be reserved for work.

If you end up working from home, do yourself and your family a favor by setting limits on how many hours to work, and how many hours to spend with your family. Actually, most home-based workers schedule their days with everything from business calls, to lead generation, to personal development. It IS work, after all, and you can’t let your kids and spouse and annoying phone calls interfere with your job. On the other hand, you also can’t spend all your time at the computer and ignoring your family. After all, it IS your family. Just make sure to balance it, and you will succeed in both!

The most popular home-based jobs on one of the search engines so far:
marketing and wealth creation (and only getting more and more popular!)
small business owner (you need marketing training here, too)
mystery shopping
data entry
financial advisor
beauty consultant
freelance worker
bridal consultant
travel agent

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