Irrimax Donates Medical Supplies to Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts

Irrimax Corp., a medical device manufacturer in the U.S., is supporting emergency relief efforts from the devastating earthquake that recently took place in Haiti. Teaming up with Project Medishare, via a partnership with Infection Reduction Partners (IRP), Irrimax has donated a substantial quantity of its proprietary antimicrobial wound lavage, distributed globally under the name, Irrisept®. 
“The events that Haiti has experienced are very distressing. A connection with Project Medishare and IRP gave us the opportunity to lend a hand to an organization that is doing such vital work during times of extraordinary need,” said Michael Gil, Executive Vice President of Irrimax Corp.  
The packaging of Irrisept has significant utility for first responders and field medical operations, allowing for easy transport and immediate use, regardless of the environment. 
Essential medical supplies and services, such as wound irrigation systems, can help reduce infections and improve patient outcomes, two main focuses of Irrimax. Many health facilities and hospitals have been damaged by the quake, adding to the challenges both patients and healthcare workers face. 
“A need for medical attention to be provided without proper operational resources is an unfortunate reality for Haiti,” says Gil. “We’re hopeful that the use of our product, Irrisept, can support the urgent medical needs.” The shipment of Irrisept is expected to arrive in Haiti, along with other much-needed supplies and equipment in the coming days.
About Irrimax Corporation
Founded in 1994, Irrimax is focused on reducing infections and healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes. Its flagship product, Irrisept, contains 0.05% Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) in 99.95% Sterile Water for Irrigation, USP. CHG acts as a preservative to inhibit microbial growth in the solution. For more information, visit
About Infection Reduction Partners
Founded in 2020, Infection Reduction Partners is a cross-sector collaborator working with humanitarian aid organizations, healthcare professionals, ministries of health, innovative medical suppliers, and logistics providers, all working together to reduce wound infections. For more information, visit

Nicki Greenhalgh
Global Marketing Mgr.
Michael Gil
Executive Vice President
Source: Irrimax Corp.