IronUp, the Rented Fleet Management Platform, is Now Publicly Available

IronUp, founded by equipment data and software veterans Garrett Schemmel and Sam Giffin, leaves private beta today and is now widely available. IronUp, for the first time, allows equipment renters to manage their rented fleet from all suppliers in one system, resulting in lower costs, new performance insights and streamlined organizational workflow.
The Shift to Equipment Rental
In recent years, there’s been a dramatic transition from owned equipment use to rented equipment use, with equipment utilization nearly 60% rental by 2020, per the American Rental Association. Previously, contractors managed their owned fleets via maintenance-first systems (CMMS), but in the transition to managing a rented fleet, no platform existed, resulting in simple issues like forgotten rentals to more complex problems like not understanding the true cost per hour of rented equipment.
“After nearly a decade building solutions for construction equipment professionals, early in 2020 we really began to listen closely to the ‘rented fleet management problem’,” says Garrett Schemmel, CEO and Co-Founder. “And after months of working with dozens of companies, we knew we had to do something to fix this $50 billion problem.”
How IronUp Helps
IronUp is a web and mobile app workflow software platform that unites the entire construction/renting organization under one platform, including operations and equipment management. IronUp fixes these common rental problems:
“After listening to the needs of contractors, IronUp was built to enable the entire construction organization to get what they need, when they need it, easily,” says Sam Giffin, CDO and Co-Founder. “Our platform offers all features to manage rentals well across any organization size, including a CMMS-like experience for rented assets, a centralized Supplier CRM, and critical file storage and reporting features.”
Why Now?
“The megatrend of rental shows all signs of continuing,” says Garrett. “The issues around rental will only continue to compound. And with the summer construction season closing in, now’s the best time to prepare.”
IronUp’s flexible pricing model makes it easy to get started, ensuring your IronUp investment mirrors your actual rental spend – no overpaying when you’re not renting.
It’s free to get started with IronUp. Start with one project on our free plan and make sure you’re prepared for the upcoming construction season. Take a self-guided, online tour now or request a personalized one-on-one demo for a more guided experience. Or submit a few data points to get a customized ROI calculation sent to you.
About IronUp
IronUp is the first “rented fleet” management platform, allowing equipment renters to professionally manage their rental equipment for the first time. Manage all suppliers, in one place, across your entire organization, resulting in lower costs, new performance insights and streamlined organizational workflow.
Source: IronUp Marketing