Iodine Software is Top Performer With Highest Overall Performance Score in 2021 KLAS Clinical Documentation Improvement Report

Iodine Software today announced that it had received the top overall performance score in the 2021 KLAS Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Report. The company also received the top scores in Client Support, Proactive Service, and Implementation and Training, further cementing its place as one of the leading clinical documentation improvement solutions in the industry.
Today, 84% of healthcare leaders cite inaccurate clinical documentation and coding as the root cause of lost or decreased revenue. Many CDI programs and associated software solutions focus on “improving” documentation, which, by itself, doesn’t stem revenue leakage. 
To solve these challenges, Iodine unveiled the AwareCDI Suite in 2020, which delivers true clinical documentation reliability and a significant reduction in condition and revenue leakage across the entire mid-revenue cycle. Powered by the company’s Cognitive Emulation machine learning approach — which was recently granted another patent (U.S. Patent No. 10,886,013) for detecting documentation drop-offs in clinical documentation — the AwareCDI Suite delivers:
In the 2021 KLAS Clinical Documentation Improvement Report, Iodine clients stated that, “New features — such as AI, NLP, broad reporting and ability to prioritize potentially problematic charts — helped them achieve their desired outcomes, including improved workflow efficiency and better capability.” Client relationships were also cited as a strength, with customers describing Iodine as “collaborative” and “proactive,” with strong training programs. In addition, survey respondents stated that the AwareCDI Suite is part of their long-term plan. 
“We are proud of our top performance score in the 2021 KLAS Clinical Documentation Improvement Report, as our team has continued to work tirelessly to help organizations achieve their desired financial, operational, and quality outcomes,” said William Chan, CEO and co-founder, Iodine Software. “The AwareCDI Suite is a full-suite solution designed to overcome leakage at every stage of the mid-revenue cycle. We are thrilled that over 500 hospitals are leveraging the AwareCDI Suite as a way to build financially resilient organizations for years to come.”
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About Iodine Software
Iodine Software is a healthcare AI company that has pioneered a new machine learning approach — Cognitive EmulationTM — to help healthcare finance leaders build resilient organizations. Founded in 2010, Iodine’s technology unifies clinical concepts, evidence-based medicine, and deep machine learning to power revenue cycle solutions that maximize capture and data accuracy. To date, the Iodine AwareCDITM Suite has helped nearly 500 hospitals recognize $1.5 billion in additional appropriate reimbursement annually. To learn more, visit 

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