Investigating Alternatives to Priority Waste Disposal

As non-traditional waste management services Melbourne company, Waste Sense explains that priority waste is a subset of industrial waste and includes processed food waste, e-waste and liquid organic wastes. This type of waste is often prone to mismanagement, can be hazardous to human health or the environment and may have the potential for reuse or recycling opportunities. For these reasons, there are greater regulatory controls on the management of priority waste.
According to Waste Sense, priority waste must be managed in accordance with industrial waste processes to ensure it goes to the correct place. As a waste broker with over 40 years of experience, Waste Sense can help businesses that produce priority waste to ensure they are meeting their obligations.
Waste Sense is flexible and offers every type of waste service because they partner with the right provider for each site. Waste Sense is partnered with more than 50 suppliers nationally, enabling them to service all waste types, including priority waste generated by the foodservice industry.
When it comes to electronic waste (e-waste), Waste Sense says many people don’t know where to take their unwanted electronics and IT assets, so they send them to landfills. Because these items often contain hazardous materials, they should be recycled or disposed of properly to avoid environmental damage.
To help protect the environment, state governments have started banning e-waste from landfills, which means e-waste can no longer go in any bin. Waste Sense can help both businesses and government organisations to recycle old, unused or broken electronics as part of their waste management solution.
Liquid waste is another priority waste stream that can pose serious health and environmental risks. Incorrect disposal of used oil, for example, has the potential to pollute land, water and infrastructure.
At Waste Sense, no hazardous waste is too much of a challenge, including liquid waste removal. Waste Sense explains that most liquid waste streams are perfect candidates for resource recovery as they can be transformed into new materials and commodities after treatment. Waste Sense removes the hassle from liquid waste disposal and helps businesses ensure they are compliant.
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