Introducing the World’s First IoT Connected Video Brochure

Marc Media Co. (Marc Media), a marketing technology start-up, today, announced the release of Marc, the first video brochure powered with global 5G technology. 
Through a partnership with AT&T, Marc Media takes print brochures to new heights, giving brands the ability to launch multi-media campaigns, interact with audiences, and collect first-person data. Campaigns provide real-time insights into audience behavior and interests by tracking open rates, impressions, interactions, locations and re-engagements.
When Marc Media founder Walid Khoury was introduced to legacy video brochures, he was impressed by their engagement value but discouraged by their lack of intelligence. Khoury spent one year rebuilding the video brochure, digital-first. “We began by developing a robust digital channel that provided interactivity and measurement, we integrated it into beautiful print collateral and then embedded an LCD video screen. Our goal was to take the most compelling features of digital, print and video and create an exceptional customer experience.”
Marc campaigns are primarily delivered to individuals through direct mail, a channel that, until now, hasn’t had the innovation needed to compete with digital platforms. “Marketers today have an expectation to learn first-person insights about their customers. That means print and direct mail need to be able to deliver metrics on when content was viewed, how long it was viewed, which content they interacted with, and how many times it was shared,” Khoury stated. “And that’s exactly what Marc can do -without the use of any personal devices.”
Marc campaigns can be used for both marketing and sales initiatives, from brand building and product demos to training and lead qualification. All campaigns provide robust insights on audiences, with reporting delivered through an intuitive dashboard. The design of the brochure is customizable, and it plays up to one hour of videos.
About Marc Media:Established in 2020, Marc Media, Co. developed the world’s first video brochure powered by IoT technology. All campaigns deliver first-person data in real-time, providing brands with coveted insights, helping to drive marketing and sales performance through a deeper understanding of audiences.
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