Introducing the Team Rethinking Zero Waste at Impact Recycling Partners

Breaking the status quo when it comes to waste and recycling programs requires a dedicated and experienced team. Impact Recycling Partners is proud to formally announce the members of the team that are driving this change. Each team member’s contribution supports the company’s mission of “rethinking zero waste.” Decades of collective experience in waste and recycling operations, manufacturing, and business development establish them as leaders in the recycling and waste industry. Impact Recycling Partners is a division of American Box Company, a portfolio company of Main Line Equity Partners. The uniquely-qualified team includes:
Brandon Spradlin – President
Brandon Spradlin spearheads all strategic efforts for Impact Recycling Partners and American Box Company. Brandon has over 16 years of experience in diverse roles, providing him with a unique set of leadership skills. His combination of military and civilian expertise qualifies him as a pioneer in business transformation and development initiatives. Additionally, Brandon’s previous management roles in the waste services industry make him an invaluable asset in the journey to zero waste.
Richard DeFelice – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
As a seasoned financial expert, Richard DeFelice manages high-level financial resources and portfolio investments for both American Box Company and Impact Recycling Partners. With over 15 years of financial analysis experience, across a variety of different industries, he currently oversees the financial performance of both divisions and provides insight into the growth strategy of the business. 
Douglas Hart – Chief Operating Officer (COO)
As the company’s COO, Douglas Hart focuses on special projects, operational improvement, and human capital endeavors for Impact Recycling Partners and American Box Company. He possesses over 30 years of leadership experience in a range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, industrial manufacturing, medical, and testing instruments. Doug’s executive capabilities and expertise make him a key advisor for Impact Recycling Partners as the business continues to scale.
Mary Linn Leonards – Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
Mary Linn Leonards is the primary lead for all processes regarding revenue growth. Backed by over 25 years of industry experience, she oversees all marketing, customer support and sales activities at Impact Recycling Partners and American Box Company. Mary Linn’s focus is on growth, alignment, improving sales performance, creating sound products and delivering stellar customer satisfaction.  
Steven Dege – Director, Business Development & Sustainability Programs
As Impact Recycling Partner’s sustainability innovator, Steven Dege leads all business development efforts related to zero-waste initiatives, supply chain management, and the creation of reuse solutions. Steven possesses 20 years of experience in material processing and analysis, qualifying him as the company’s subject matter expert. His extensive experience and hands-on approach continue to provide innovative zero-waste solutions for numerous industries and brands.
The team at Impact Recycling Partners is committed to working with organizations to help them achieve their zero waste and sustainability goals. To learn more about Impact Recycling Partners’ initiatives, visit their website at
Source: Impact Recycling Partners