Introducing the Real Estate Wire Fraud Tracker From SafeWire

SafeWire, the leading real estate wire fraud prevention software that protects a real estate transaction from listing to closing, announced today the launch of the Real Estate Wire Fraud Tracker from SafeWire. 
This new tool allows users to report their loss and raise awareness of the growing risk of real estate wire fraud. The user enters the information, and it is then plotted on an interactive map. Understanding is a critical component in preventing wire fraud. We can’t fix what we don’t understand. 
SafeWire co-founder and CEO Chris Sauerzopf has been in the industry long enough to know that awareness is often half the battle and likened the issue to trying to convince someone who has never been in a car wreck to wear a seatbelt. SafeWire’s Fraud Tracker gives a live, visual understanding of how widespread the problem has become.  
“We all think this can’t happen to us. Reading through these heartbreaking stories, it’s clear, real estate wire fraud can happen to anyone. It’s why we’re so focused on protecting the entire transaction, from list to close.”
Within the tracker page, a user can also follow the provided link to file a report with the FBI. You can view the interactive tracker here to see the stories of families and businesses that have been affected by real estate wire fraud across the world. 
Real estate wire fraud is the problem, SafeWire is the solution.
About SafeWire: SafeWire is the industry-leading software solution to the growing problem of real estate wire fraud. Founder and CEO Chris Sauerzopf has used his years of real estate industry experience to develop a secure transfer process that protects the transaction from listing through closing. One in 450 real estate transactions experienced a fraud loss in 2019. SafeWire works with title companies, real estate brokerages and teams. More information on SafeWire is available at 
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Chris Sauerzopf, CEO
Source: SafeWire
Source: SafeWire