Introducing OxeFit’s XP1: An Unparalleled Strength Training Product With Real-Time Performance Assessment

OxeFit, a company disrupting the future of the fitness industry with a breakthrough approach to strength training, announces the release of its premiere product: the XP1. Combining science and technology, the XP1’s core technology integrates robotics, movement, performance tracking, advanced coaching and analytics to create a connected fitness system that takes the guesswork out of strength training and maximizes potential of professional athletes and rehabilitation users.
“The XP1 is an exciting and groundbreaking strength training technology that will be able to keep up with the demands of professional sports,” said OxeFit investor and Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott. “It will elevate performance tracking for coaches and trainers to a modern digitized platform, offering a smarter way to a stronger team.”
Now available for pre-order, the XP1 observes, learns and analyzes every movement to provide real-time assessments and adjustments to improve performance, with future product rollouts bringing elite training directly to consumer homes.
“Nothing is a higher priority to me than becoming the strongest version of myself, and the XP1 will give me the tools, data and confidence to achieve the most efficient workout with optimal effectiveness,” said NFL wide receiver Dez Bryant. “It’s a forward-thinking approach to how I can power myself to be unstoppable during the regular season and maintain my strength in the offseason.”
The XP1 consolidates traditional strength training equipment into a standalone machine as part of an interactive ecosystem for a private and personalized fitness experience. Its features work together to provide a more effective and consistent workout:
“The XP1 is defining a new era for strength training. Our team of top technology, physiology and sports medicine experts has unlocked the more challenging and intense opportunity to advance elite athletes’ performance,” said OxeFit co-founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board Mohammed “Rab” Shanableh. “We are bending the industry away from traditional strength training methods by offering a comprehensive training ecosystem that learns, grows and adapts with you. In addition to a completely customized strength training program for users of the XP1 ecosystem, it offers breakthrough accessibility and insights for real-time evaluations for strength coaches, as well as training and rehabilitation centers, to achieve new levels of physical results with clients.”
Two companion software apps – OxeLead and OxeFit – will work in tandem with the XP1, syncing data to provide a holistic user experience:
The XP1 ecosystem is not only ideal for professional athletes and sports clubs, but also has impactful applications in other environments.   
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