Introducing Global Healthcare Cost Management Enhancements

New Frontier Group, a cost management leader in global healthcare, announced several product enhancements that solidify its continued commitment to industry transformation.
New Frontier Group has ramped investments and focused product development since 2020 with a future-looking lens on expanded global travel and changing international healthcare needs. Moving into 2023, the company continues to integrate enhancements that strengthen the company’s market position. 
Enhanced solutions being rolled out include digital advancements that expedite accurate payments and new forms of provider reimbursements to expand savings, including:
These solutions have been fully integrated with their existing product suite, including:
“We pride ourselves in ‘Always There, Global Healthcare’ by continuing to work closely with our provider, pharmacy, assistance company, and insurance partners who are leading the way in the market,” stated Gitte Bach, CEO of New Frontier Group. “We are proud to serve industry leaders, such as Charles Taylor Assistance, Trawick International, VIRSAG, and Global Benefits Group, plus many others. We have built partnerships with leading providers as well such as Aetna, United, First Health and others across the world to best serve this market in the collective. The pandemic did not slow our growth – it fueled our resources to build, build, build and prepare for the future. It is our team’s focus on the future and never settling with the status quo that gives us our loyal and long-standing client base.”
“We have a great partnership with New Frontier Group,” stated Jody Baker, Chief Executive at Charles Taylor Assistance, one of NFG’s many long-time clients. They always work with us to build a better system to support our continuous growth initiatives. Their service offering helps us bring the best programs to our members. Not only are they a stable force in this market, but they also stay up to date and look ahead with a focus on making the system work better for everyone.”
About New Frontier Group
New Frontier Group is a 20+-year cost management leader. The company is a woman business enterprise unrivaled for its range of solutions in international healthcare management and unbeatable in its hallmark customer and claim service. They are a front-line outsourcing partner and advocate for clients handling diverse healthcare travel portfolios. 
For inquiries, contact CEO Gitte Bach: , (949) 429-7130
Source: New Frontier Group