Introducing Fortifeye Focus and Brain. All-Natural Evidence-Based Supplement to Support Brain Health, Eye Health and Improved Focus

Fortifeye Focus and Brain is a revolutionary new supplement that is designed to help people improve their focus, concentration, and cognitive function and combat the effects of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). This advanced formula contains a blend of natural ingredients that have been scientifically studied and are thought to support brain and eye health.
Dr. Michael Lange of the Lange Eye Institute, a Board Certified Optometric Physician and Certified Nutrition Specialist, sees patients on a daily basis with Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Many of these patients report experiencing “brain fog”, which is a symptom characterized by difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, and confusion.
Dr. Michael Lange, along with the team of doctors and nutrition specialists at Fortifeye Vitamins, launched the extraordinary supplement called Fortifeye Focus and Brain in December 2022. Fortifeye Focus and Brain is the powerful blend of AstaReal Astaxanthin; Macu LZ by Kemin (lutein, meso-zeaxanthin, RR-zeaxanthin); and Cognizin, a patented form of Citicoline. Fortifeye Focus and Brain uses the ratio of these ingredients that have been studied and may be effective in supporting eye health, brain health and cognitive function.
Fortifeye Focus and Brain is perfect for students, professionals, and anyone else who needs to maintain a high level of mental clarity and focus throughout the day. Whether one is tackling a big project at work, studying for an exam, or simply trying to stay on top of daily tasks, Fortifeye Focus and Brain can offer support.
Studies show that lutein and zeaxanthin isomers are not only crucial for increasing the macula pigment optical density (MPOD) but are important for cognitive health. These carotenoids combat free radicals that cause oxidative stress.
Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that is gaining attention from many. This crucial antioxidant is proving to have great potential for cognitive health.  Studies are demonstrating that Astaxanthin may protect the brain from oxidative damage that is linked to cognitive decline.  Using the studied amount of astaxanthin may support blood flow to the eye and aid in accommodation and reducing eye fatigue, all while promoting resilience against free radical damage.
Cognizin, a patented form of citicoline, increases the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, which increases concentration and focus and enhances neuron communication, which boosts memory and learning. Citicoline can also reduce stress and improve mood.
Fortifeye Focus and Brain is easy to incorporate into one’s daily routine, with convenient soft gels that can be taken with or without food.
Boost focus, concentration, and cognitive function while protecting the retina from damaging blue light with Fortifeye Focus and Brain. With its natural ingredients, it is the perfect choice for anyone looking to improve their mental performance and overall well-being. Visit for more information.
Source: Fortifeye Vitamins