Interview Released Stefan Przyborski, Chairman for SMi’s 3D Cell Culture Conference 2020

With SMi Group’s 3D Cell Culture returning for its 4th year on the 19th and 20th February 2020, at the Copthorne Tara Hotel in London, the two-day conference is anticipated to have a closer look at various topics regarding development and applications of human organs and tissues in vitro. The agenda will offer networking opportunities with high profiles within the industry, as well as to explore all areas of 3D cell culture including advances of organ and lab-on-a-chip, micro physiological systems, applications of technology personalised medicine, microphysiological assay and advances in 3D cell culture models which make up key components within the 3D Cell Culture field.
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As the conference draws closer, SMi has caught up with the event’s co-chair and speaker, Stefan Pryzborski, Professor of Cell Technology, Durham University and Chief Scientific Officer, ReproCELL, to discuss some of the challenges in the industry, as well as the strategies for overcoming them. Stefan will present on “The Development and Application of 3D Cell Culture Techniques to Construct Models of Human Tissues” in addition to moderating the panel discussion on “Adopting New Technologies for 3D Models”.

Excerpts from Stefan’s interview:
What do you think has been the greatest innovation within 3D cell culture over the last year or two?
“As more 3D cell culture products and methods become available, we are seeing researchers adopt these technologies and using them in innovative ways. I am particularly impressed where multiple methods are brought together (for example, hydrogels and scaffolds) to enable the re-construction of tissue structure in vitro that closely resembles the anatomy of real tissues in the body. Such humanized tissue models can offer significant advantages, enabling reproducibility and consistency, production of data more relevant to man, and reduction in animal usage…”

Do you think that 3D culture has the potential to eliminate animal testing in the future?
“There is no doubt that as we build better in vitro models representing the structure and function of human tissues, that this can lead to the reduction and replacement of animals in research. I am strong advocate of applying such technology to areas where we can improve research and simultaneously create models that produce more relevant data to man and reduce animal testing. It should be recognized however that complete replacement of the full physiological system of the animal host for certain tests would be immensely challenging. Nonetheless, 3D cell culture technologies will certainly play an important role in reducing animal usage…”

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3D Cell Culture Conference 2020
Focus Day: 18 February 2020
Conference: 19th – 20th February 2020
Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK

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