Internet-Start-up in Berlin Art Aia – ValueYourSelf generates Google Knowledge graphs for artists and creative organizations

Few artists and creative businesses take advantage of the possibility to enhance their presence on Google thinking that Knowledge panels are automatically generated and there is not much to do about it. It is actually true that Google Knowledge graphs are triggered with information that comes from various sources but there is a way to contribute to this process.

Art Aia – ValueYourSelf, a new Online Visibility Management Start-up Company founded in Berlin by Italian actor and cultural entrepreneur Giovanni Morassutti helps artists, actors , director, writers, theaters , art galleries, festivals etc. to value their online presence by generating a panel which will enhance their presence on the web.

By content creation, online properties optimization, Wikimedia projects and Social Media management the team will trigger Google algorithms to generate a panel that will return useful information to the users , enhancing the artist or the organization presence on Google.

You can submit your online presence query at this link :

Art Aia – ValueYourSelf has two locations and it is a subsidiary of the following organizations:

Art Aia – Creatives / In / Residence. Via Banduzzo, 31, 33079 Sesto Al Reghena PN (ITA)
Art Aia – La Dolce Berlin. Türkenstraße 19, 13349 Berlin (DE)

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Phone: +49 15218465093
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Art Aia – ValueYourSelf is a European-based online presence management company and online platform that offers services to build a personal brand reflecting values, talents and positive actions. As an online platform is associated to Art Aia – Creatives / In / Residence and it focuses on connecting organizations, individuals and businesses interested in trading services, goods and liberal donation to create new opportunities of exchange and valuable collaborations.