INTENT Releases New Software to Revolutionize Field Trials in Agriculture

INTENT, formerly known as IN10T, is excited to announce the commercial release of the new INvision Trials, a revolutionary software that will bring efficiency and effectiveness to agriculture innovations, making full-scale, on-farm field trials accessible to all.
As a pioneer of the commercial field trialing industry, INTENT has been executing successful on-farm evaluations since the company’s inception in 2016. While empowering farmers to engage in the agriculture innovation process, INTENT leverages modern technology to drastically increase the success rate of field trial projects. This includes the previously developed INvision 1.0 platform, which has been powering the company’s trial program since 2020. With the new INvision Trials, the company is further transforming field trials, delivering consistent, quality data and powerful, actionable insights to its agribusiness clients and network of over 1,000 FarmerTrials participants. 
The new INvision Trials is the first product built on the Apogee technology infrastructure and offers a completely redesigned interface for field project management, presenting a geospatial visualization of all aspects of a farmer’s field in an easy-to-use, cloud-based application. It brings greater speed, enhanced opportunities to scale, improved self-service functionality, and requires less human interaction – all resulting in a smoother field project experience. INvision Trials integrates seamlessly with today’s leading farm management systems and will manage field projects of all scopes and sizes, delivering consistent, quality data and powerful insights with speed and agility.
“On-farm trials have lacked the tools to maximize the value of farmer data,” shared Randy Barker, CEO and co-founder of INTENT. “INvision Trials is improving the field trial experience for agriculture companies and farmers alike, removing friction from the process, drastically improving data collection and analysis, and increasing opportunities to collaborate on innovation.”
The new INvision Trials is available for INTENT clients either as part of a larger field evaluation project or as a stand-alone license. The v.2.0 release is available for clients today, with additional functionality being added in subsequent releases. 
To learn more about the new INvision Trials built on Apogee, or to request a demo, visit
Source: INTENT