Intend™ Announces ePrescriptions and Automated Insurance Verification

Intend™, a patient-centric healthcare management software provider, announces support for ePrescriptions and automated insurance verification.
“Our partners are very excited about these two significant enhancements to the Intend Platform,” said Intend President Eric Kupferberg. “This functionality is especially useful for providers that are expanding their service offerings to include additional medical services.”
“This is a game changer for us here at RTW (Return to Wellness) Health Services,” said Ayana Herbert, MD, co-founder and Board-Certified Emergency Medicine at RTW.  
“We have been using the Intend Platform for over two years and have processed over 160,000 diagnostic tests and vaccinations through Intend. Knowing the insurance benefits are verified prior to the appointment is a huge time saver for both our staff and patients.  During the appointment, our physicians can review medical history and diagnostic test results in real time, and they can write a prescription that the patient can fill at any pharmacy they choose, or at one of our clinics on-site.”
RTW Health Services offers Medically Based Health And Wellness Services in Northern and Southern California, and Georgia. RTW provides Viral testing solutions, Health and Wellness testing solutions, IV Infusion Therapy, Nutrient injections, compliance, and vaccinations for the entertainment industry, corporate return to wellness programs, educational institutions, and individuals.
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Intend delivers frictionless scheduling, insurance verification, ePrescriptions, billing, reporting, and patient communication to healthcare providers nationwide. Since 2020, the Intend software platform has processed over 5.5 million medical procedures at over 5,000 client accounts for millions of patients. The company’s customizable SaaS solutions provides ease of use for both patient and provider, with a focus on: 
Intend partners with pharmacies, urgent care providers, physician offices, and laboratories to enhance business function while delivering superior patient care. 
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Source: Intend, Inc.