IntelligenceBank Launches a NEW Salesforce Connector

Today, IntelligenceBank, the leading marketing operations platform, announced the launch of the IntelligenceBank Salesforce Connector Lightning Component which enables sales and marketing teams to work more efficiently together.
Based on IntelligenceBank’s robust API, the Salesforce Connector connects directly with the IntelligenceBank platform, providing sales teams with instant access to the latest approved content.
The goal is to streamline access salespeople have to approved marketing materials by linking the Salesforce platform with IntelligenceBank DAM. With the IntelligenceBank Connector for Salesforce, sales and customer success managers can:
When a file is copied into Salesforce’s file library, it is automatically linked to the record from where the file is copied. Additionally, all actions conducted by Salesforce users within the IntelligenceBank Salesforce Connector will appear in the usage reporting within IntelligenceBank, enabling admin users to track and report on which files are being used within Salesforce.
This represents yet another initiative from IntelligenceBank to support business productivity and transform today’s marketing operations. 
According to Tessa Court, CEO IntelligenceBank, “Digital transformation is a priority for not only CMOs today, but the entire C-Suite Management team. We recognize this and are providing extensions to our platform to facilitate deep connections between systems.”
IntelligenceBank is the leading digital asset management and marketing operations platform, helping content marketers work better and more seamlessly, manage digital assets, creative content approvals and compliance, and creative project management. IntelligenceBank’s beautifully designed platform is used by over 400 leading brands with 350,000+ users across the globe.
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Source: IntelligenceBank