Intellias Releases Its Forward-Looking Study on Edge Cloud Computing: Opportunities, Benefits, Use Cases

Intellias, a trusted provider of technology innovations critical for organizations’ growth and success in today’s digital era, released its latest report on edge cloud computing. In its whitepaper, entitled “Сloud + Edge: A Powerful Combo for Next-Gen Ecosystems,” ( Intellias introduces the combination of cloud and edge technologies as the foundation for building future-proof Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems.

Specializing in cloud, edge, and IoT software development, Intellias conducted all-embracing research on their role in data processing and analytics. The company’s thorough analysis resulted in a ten-chapter report full or practical solutions and tangible insights for businesses operating in numerous domains.

Intellias points out that the ever-growing amount of data produced by IoT devices brings many challenges to the existing technologies. Being once the go-to solution for IoT data processing, cloud platforms appear to be not enough today. As cloud-based problems with latency, connectivity, and data processing become more apparent, developers search for new ways to streamline IoT development.

Edge technology, a promising alternative to cloud services, aims to create a communication gateway between IoT devices and cloud infrastructure. Solving a myriad of cloud issues encountered during the development of IoT ecosystems, edge computing is predicted to replace the cloud entirely.

In its whitepaper, Intellias showcases that the new technology doesn’t necessarily have to substitute the old one and explores more effective approaches to building and running IoT applications. Based on practical experience and real-life cases, the research includes proven examples of how the combination of cloud and edge computing can accelerate the development of next-gen ecosystems.

Intellias whitepaper investigates common problems companies experience when using cloud platforms for IoT deployments. More importantly, it suggests how to solve them with cloud edge computing.

The Intellias whitepaper displays in-depth research into:

– Cloud computing, its evolution and deployment models
– Role of the cloud in the IoT ecosystem
– Cloud-related concerns from the IoT perspective
– Edge technology as the key to fixing cloud-related issues
– Edge cloud computing for the best results

Additionally, Intellias examines edge cloud computing use cases in different domains and industries, including telecommunications, retail, robotics, and automotive.

IoT development is accelerating at such a pace that cloud computing alone is no longer sufficient. The Intellias report demonstrates how IoT developers can use cloud edge computing to bridge the gap between IoT devices and cloud infrastructures.

Download your whitepaper copy to learn more about the future of edge cloud computing in IoT development:

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