Intellias Releases Its Expert Outlook on Industry 5.0

In April 2020, Intellias, a trusted AI & ML, IoT, and cloud services provider to Fortune 500 companies and leading technology innovators, released its recent whitepaper — “From Custom to Personal: How Cognitive Technologies Are Ushering in Industry 5.0” ( The research aims to show visionary ideas on how industrial leaders can leverage advanced technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and cognitive systems to add a highly demanded human touch to production.

Most manufacturers still avoid personalization in their philosophy, though it doesn’t work these days. As consumers demand for custom goods and ultra-personalization, the company that fails to meet their needs automatically loses in the fierce industry and market competition. Industry 4.0 failed to adapt to the increasing demand for customization, while Industry 5.0 aims at creating a new vector of cooperation between humans and technologies like robots, cobots, IoT devices, and other cognitive systems. Intellias depicts how human-machine collaboration will help businesses make their manufacturing processes more agile to adapt to market and personalization demands as well as address several pressing issues:

– Concerns regarding sustainability and overproduction
– The rise of on-demand services and sharing business models
– Consumption as an avenue for self-expression

Intellias Industry 5.0 whitepaper features expert opinion on why product hyper-personalization pays off and how to implement mass customization right. The research is backed by real-life cases from various industries and illustrates the most successful application of technology to ace customization.

The outlook includes:

– The tech prerequisites for ultra-personalized manufacturing in Industry 5.0, focusing on data management and governance processes, intelligent autonomous systems, and cognitive systems
– (Wo)men + machine — right-sizing the workforce for Industry 5.0

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About Intellias

Founded in 2002, Intellias ( has been delivering software engineering services to Fortune 500 companies and helping leading technology innovators build their software products in a variety of domains, including automotive, FinTech, transportation, agriculture, telecommunications, healthcare, EdTech, retail. Delivering advanced technologies services with a vast AI and ML skill sets within Intellias expertise, the company helps manufacturing businesses become leaders in the connectivity space. Intellias experts apply best machine learning, data science, and big data practices to shift from established routines and accelerate their solution and business capabilities