Insurance Navy Partners With Intoxalock

Insurance Navy has always been the most popular choice for high-risk driver auto insurance. Even after something as serious as a DUI, the fastest-growing insurance agency in the Chicagoland Area gets drivers back on the road safely and affordably. That’s why many drivers choose Insurance Navy for their SR-22 needs. Now, they are proud to announce a partnership with ignition interlock device company, Intoxalock. 
Intoxalock is the latest branding from veteran ignition interlock manufacturer Consumer Safety Technology LLC. Based in the neighboring state of Iowa, CST has a quarter-century of experience creating interlock devices that meet state requirements and accurately monitor how much alcohol is in the would-be driver’s system before starting the engine. Intoxalock meets the ignition interlock requirements in 46 states and is widely used across the nation. 
In the event of a DUI, some states require that the offending driver have an ignition device installed as part of a court order or penalty. The driver would also have to file an SR-22 in order to keep their insurance as a newly designated high-risk driver. SR-22 insurance at an affordable cost is a service that Insurance Navy prides itself on. Now, Insurance Navy agents can offer Intoxalock services to those inquiring about SR-22 coverage. 
“SR-22 insurance is one of our most sought-after services. Intoxalock shares our principle of making the process easier by working in tandem to provide a driver with everything they need after a DUI. This is all done in nearly one swoop as opposed to all the phone calls and waiting around for people to drive them when they could be driving to and from work on their own. For that reason, we’re really happy with this partnership,” says Insurance Navy CEO Fadi Sneineh.
At the same time, Intoxalock is known for its accolades which include SEMA Award Recipient in 2013, an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and certified compliance with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Their breathalyzer technology is accurate, reliable, and always up to standard. Another common denominator that has brought Insurance Navy and Intoxalock together is their customer service philosophy. Above all, it’s about getting customers where they need to be while making it easy, convenient, and safe for them. 
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