Insurance Job Requirements

There are many jobs on the market that are part of industries which are so ingrained in the consciousness of our western capitalist sensibilities that we rarely set aside time to give them much thought or to scrutinise them at all.

All aspects of the insurance industry are, under such scrutiny, quite ridiculous and were they put under an enormous microscope, the scale of which would light up the truth for the entire world to see, the entire market place for such goings on would be quietly swept under the carpet.

The salesperson, for example, may very well be trained to be extremely helpful (whilst maximising sales), and may be chirpy, personable, with that chocolate melting Irish twang and the whispery intonation that makes you happy to buy sand for your Arab friends, but when selling insurance what they are selling you is the everlasting prospect of doom. All that is on sale from insurance companies are worst case scenarios, and that is all that you can buy. This may sound comical, but all I have done is scrutinised the role of the salesperson to the extent outlined above. This is not to say that insurance is not very helpful, and in some situations, as applied to some aspects of the modern life, indispensable. But no one can deny that the salesperson, highly trained or just reading from a script is describing to the person on the other end of the phone the impending and highly likely apocalypse the size of which is so severe that only the policy that this salesperson has in his or her hand can stave off.

The other to look at this is described in the old insurers maxim that what they are in fact selling is peace of mind. It is a nice thought. But peace of mind from what – the terrible scenarios on offer from the insurance think tanks. This is also not to suggest there is any trickery going on here, but one thing insurers hardly ever talk about is statistics.

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